Hello world!

Greetings from the other side of the pond!  Last night I left Atlanta, GA at 6:55pm on a flight bound for Madrid, Spain.  The flight was uneventful, and thanks to some prescription help, I was able to sleep a few hours.  I had a window seat, and the girl next to me was quiet and normal-sized. 🙂  Always nice!  We landed at 9:15am Spain-time, which felt like 3:15 to my body, but I hit the ground running and am just now hitting the wall.  My body hurts ALL OVER.  I took the Metro to the hotel for 2Euro and saved myself about 30E (~$45) by not taking a taxi to the hotel.  My shoulders are killing me now from carrying my bag so long, but I’m still glad to have the experience of taking public transportation when I can’t understand the language.  Thank goodness for color-coding and universal numbers!   When I arrived at my hostel, the girl I was to room with was already here with a friend of hers who is doing the program with us as well, so there are three of us in a room.  We took about an hour to get ourselves together and get a bit settled, and then we went to a  lunch meeting with Pueblo Ingles that lasted three hours.  Spaniards DINE instead of eat!  We had delicious paella and flan and were treated to a flamenco music presentation.  Afterwards we hit the city streets and saw many beautiful sites in Madrid.  How wonderful to be in a place with so much history.  This will be the only chance I have to see Madrid because we leave in the morning to drive five hours south to Cazorla, Spain to begin volunteering with Pueblo Ingles.  It is a different experience to travel with girls…I’m not exactly a girly girl person, but it was nice to have someone to be with after a long flight and my first time overseas!  The next eight days are packed with a tight schedule that begins at 9am and has activities scheduled until 11pm.  Whew!  I will try to update when I am there, but I don’t know what kind of internet access I will have in Cazorla.  Adios for now!