PI Update

Hello friends!  I have had no chance to get on the computer, and I have very little time now, but I wanted to write quickly and say that I am having the time of my life and I am so sad because we have to leave tomorrow.  We have all truly bonded during this experience, and I feel that I have made lifelong friends.  I think that Allison and Marie are going to meet up with me in Florence next week, which will be lots of fun!  I should be able to write more when I leave here…but if you want to see some pics from the town where I have been living, check out one of my fellow PI´s blog. 


Thanks for your encouraging notes…I don´t have time to write back very often, but it is so lovely to have notes from you when I check email!


Cheers!  🙂


One thought on “PI Update

  1. My dear, we don’t expect YOU to write us back! We’re just happy you’re having a great time! It makes my eyes misty to hear this has been the experience of a lifetime. That sentence speaks volumes!

    Enjoy your last days with your new friends at PI. Have a great time roaming about Spain and Italy! We all eagerly await your pics and stories!


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