Last Day in Spain

Oh, how tired I am!  This is the last day of PI…I can´t believe it!  I will truly miss so many of these people.  This morning we have various activities after breakfast, lunch at 1pm (which will be midnight or 1am where you all are!), then we board the bus back to Madrid, which will be a five hour trip.  I hope to sleep then because I have not slept much this week.  Last night we had an unofficial party that lasted until 4am…those Spaniards can dance!  I try to keep up, though!  I had the most fun with Pete, Allison, Maria, Blanca, Albeiha, and Amparo.  We call Pete the Mayor because it seems that he is always “shaking hands and kissing babies.”  Amparo and I talked like girlfriends from the very start, and her English improved dramatically this week.  We have three Fernandos, so we gave them all nicknames:  Fernando Glasses is the physicist who always turned one to one conversations into scientific discussions.  Fernando Purple wears a lot of purple, and I will let you make your own assumptions about what that means…let´s just say that he´s lots of fun!  Fernando Canary wears yellow shorts every day.  Oh how I will miss these people!!! 

Ok…I just got tears in my eyes thinking of that, so I will change topics and update you on my travel plans post-Pueblo Ingles.  Tomorrow morning I fly to Rome at 7am.  I am a bit nervous trying to get to the airport that early in Madrid, but I´ll figure it out.  I am in Rome until July 15, and then I will go to Siena for a couple of days.   On the 17th, Allison and Maria are going to meet me in Florence where we just booked a hostel for four nights.  I have never stayed in a true hostel…it looks like a lot of fun and it is super-cheap!  I should be able to blog while I´m there more regularly.  Funny…just when I typed that, Megan said in her lovely Aussie accent, “Jillian, will you let me know when you´re done?”  On that note, I will wrap it up…look for pics in the next couple of days on Facebook! 

Love love love to you all…