Buon giorno, Toscana!

I took the train to Siena this morning…Tuscany is quite a change from Rome!  I am enjoying the slower pace already.  Siena does not have much to see or do, but I have been quietly wondering the streets and eating delicious food.  For lunch I had a caprese salad that will put all future caprese salads to shame…oh, the mozzarella!  The tomatoes!  The olive oil!  Then I had a primi (first course) of tortellini that was stuffed with cheese and spinach and topped with fresh tomatoes, nuts, and some kind of buttery sauce that was to-die-for.  It was the best meal I have had yet!  Afterwards, I climbed to the top of the city tower–400 steps!–and the view was absolutely incredible.  The city of Siena is tiny (60000 pop) and then all you can see are rolling hills and mountains in the distance.  Gorgeous!  I have to admit that I am ready for some company…I’m a bit over myself!  🙂  Tomorrow I take the bus from Siena to Florence to meet Allison and Maria, so that’s perfect timing!  We will spend four nights in Florence, and then I will go to Milan to take a short flight back to Madrid, and I will fly home on Wednesday, July 22.  I really do not want to go back to Madrid–not very good memories of my last few hours there!–but it’s really difficult to change the flight, so I am just going to go with it and hang tight(er) to my bags this time!  Perhaps I can meet up with some of my Pueblo Ingles friends who live in the city…

Less than one week until I am home–I can’t believe it!

Ciao ciao…


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