Is it February yet?

I once heard a friend say that January is a month of Mondays.  I couldn’t agree more–January is the worst month:  the magic of the holidays has dissipated, resolutions are most likely already broken, it’s dark at 6pm, music artists aren’t yet back on tour, and spring is just too far away.  For me as a teacher, January is the longest stretch without a paycheck (I was last paid on Dec. 17) and it’s also the month of the state writing test, my most stressful assessment of the year.  Year after year I find myself in the same funk during this godforsaken month–annoyed, lonely, frustrated, and longing for warm weather.  If I feel this way while living in the South, how in the world would I survive up North?!  Hey Yankees–how do you do it?!

All that said, I’m going to list a few things that are keeping my head above water right now:

24 is back.  Jack Bauer, I missed you.

Red wine tastes better when it’s cold outside.

I’m in pants and long sleeves so much that I don’t have to acknowledge my stark white skin.

The long dark evenings make it easier to go to bed early, which makes getting up at 5 to go the gym more possible.

I read four times more books in the winter than the summer.

My slim bank account gets a break from the expense of concert tickets.

So…what do YOU do to beat the winter blues?


4 thoughts on “Is it February yet?

  1. I agree totally with your perception of January. I, too, find it a tough month to get through. I tend to nest and not leave my house from Friday to Monday. I hope Spring comes early . . .

  2. I am one of those Yankees who just can’t get enough of winter. You’ve got to learn to love those gray sky days…they mean snow and snow always meant no school.

    I would also just like to tell you that I’m enjoying the fact that I can you are grating the cheese and letting me enjoy your blog!!! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!!!

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