What I’m For

I posted something similar to this on Facebook about a year ago, so I decided to revise just a bit and move it to my blog…

I heard a song by this title, “What I’m For,” and it just got me thinking about little things that I’m for…

  • lunches with friends
  • learning new words
  • almost-famous musicians
  • holding hands
  • stainless steel water bottles
  • whole foods
  • outdoor markets
  • rescue dogs
  • fresh flowers
  • dancing
  • faith
  • teenagers
  • well-told stories
  • calling my mom
  • running it out, whatever it may be
  • Sunday brunch
  • city life
  • sand between my toes
  • drinks after work
  • handwritten notes
  • finding new music
  • recipes
  • kissing
  • comfortable furniture
  • porches and patios
  • walking instead of driving
  • listening

In the Pat Green song, he says, “You don’t have to guess what I’m against if you know what I’m for.”  I hope my list reflects that.

What are you for?


2 thoughts on “What I’m For

  1. I love this, Jilly! I’m for the click that happens when a whole audience is discovering an artist live…and they know they are witnessing something special. I love that magic!

    Oh, I’m also for…dinner at Jilly’s place with dear girlfriends.

  2. Sooo glad to see I make it into the top 15. These are things I know about my oldest child, some have been true forever and some came with maturity. I love these things about you, Jill. Stay true to yourself, every one around you will love and respect you for it.



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