Evolution of Friendships

Once upon a time, when I was on a dating site that shall remain nameless, I was asked to choose from a list what my three best life-skills are.  I chose “Continuing to Expand my Knowledge and Awareness”  (read:  I am a nerd and love to learn), “Finding New Adventures and Unique Experiences” (read:  I am never bored or complacent), and “Being a Good Friend and Companion.”  The last one serves as my muse for tonight’s post.  I am by almost any definition a good friend.  I am thoughtful and I communicate often.  I pray for my friends and send them notes and try to see them as much as I can.  When I am with them, I try to always leave my phone in my purse and keep my eyes on theirs, giving them my full attention.  Be where you are.

So I guess it should not be such a surprise how much God provides in my life, but in the last few months I have been at times overwhelmed by how lucky I am to have my people in my life.  A year ago when Taylor moved away, I thought (overly dramatically, mind you) that my life was over.  My buddy, my do-everything-together, have-the-same-interests person was on another continent.  Then my best and dearest friend, Elizabeth, had a baby, which is usually the kiss of death for a single friend, but instead, it has brought us closer than ever and I am unbelievably proud of and in love with her son, my godson.  The guy who has done my hair for six years has become one of my most reliable friends and someone whose company I look forward to all the time.  And with Amanda, a kindred-spirit-friendship born from a Santa pub crawl, came wonderful girlfriends who share my passions and love music like I do.  And there are so many other important relationships that I haven’t mentioned here.  Why oh why oh why do I ever doubt that God will provide?

Thank you, wonderful people in my life.  I wouldn’t want to be in this world without you.

“I thank my God upon every rememberance of you.”  Philippians 1:3


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