I Love My Job

Today confirmed every single reason that I thought teaching would be a good career for me eight years ago.  I had lunch with two former students who are now going away to college.  I taught them my second year of teaching when they were in 7th grade.  The year after, I was moved to 8th grade, so I had them again.  Teaching that group of students two years in a row was the most rewarding time of my seven-year teaching career.  I watched them change so much and now they have all graduated high school.  These  young men are two of the most impressive kids I have ever known.  They are accomplished, state-ranked athletes; they are violin players; they are handsome and polite with great personalities, and they are excellent writers and high-achieving students.  One of them is going to Vanderbilt and the other is going to Stanford.  My heart swells with pride when I think about what great opportunities and experiences lie in their futures.  These boys spoke openly about how much I affected them and how they hope that we are always in touch.  I have tears in my eyes as I write these words.  How lucky am I?  It is my JOB to invest in teenagers.  I get paid to love kids and teach them the great life skills of writing and reading.  Every day of teaching teenagers is a challenge and sometimes they break your heart, but today I was reminded that I really do love what I do.  I wanted to become a teacher because I wanted to affect kids’ lives.  I had two teachers, about whom I have written in previous posts, who singled me out, invested in me, refused to let me believe that I was anything less than smart, talented, beautiful, and full of potential.  I didn’t see those things in myself then; many teenagers don’t really know themselves.  They need to be told, and now I get to be the one to tell them.  I get to believe in them, challenge them, watch them grow and succeed.  I love my job!

Do you, dear reader, have any exceptional teacher stories? Please share!


One thought on “I Love My Job

  1. Hey Jill,
    I can only remember your first year…you had some doubts and a little unsure about your “green” little self…but…then I will never forget at the end of the year when MR. HILL AND MR. BELL saw the test scores and said..hmmm the rookie KILLED US! I thought to myself Jill will go far! Isn’t it wonderful to do something you absolutely love and what you were created to do! Amazing…love you Jill! Becky

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