I Wrapped my Heart Around Colorado

Ok, I gush a lot on here.  I have so many great things going on in my life: great people, great neighborhood, great school, and life is just great great great for me right now.  So because you know that, I am afraid that you won’t understand the Greatness of my trip to Colorado two weeks ago. Please, pause a minute to let this sink in.

I started planning the trip last spring when I saw that my two all-time favorite artists, David Gray and Ray LaMontagne, were going to tour together.  (Be. Still. My. Heart.)  As I scanned the list of cities on the tour, I was dismayed to see that there were no Southeastern cities (at the time…they were added later…but how was I to know they would?!).  But my dismay quickly turned to over-the-top excitement as I saw Red Rocks Amphitheater listed on August 30, the day after my birthday.  Let me clarify:  Red Rocks is every music lover’s dream venue.  All of the greatest artists have played there.  It is one of the most beautiful outdoor venues in the world, and it was at the tip-top of my list of places I wanted to see.  I immediately emailed my girls to get them on board–resounding YESES came back in a jiffy, plane tickets were purchased, and it was ON.

As I talked about the trip for the four months leading up to it (sorry, coworkers and neighbors and perfect strangers), I repeatedly said, “I have my heart wrapped around this show.”  I did.  (I really did.)  It simply had to be magical.  Now, my mama always says that I set myself up for disappointment because I have too-high expectations.  (I know, Mom.  I know.)  But this time, my expectations were blown into that starry night in Morrison, CO as I squealed and giggled my way through hours of giddiness, dancing around gorgeous red rocks with Rocky Mountains standing over me and my soul mate girlfriends as we internalized every single moment of our lyrical, musical heroes crooning to us.  And it really was as if they were only singing to us.  I have never felt such unabashed, unbridled, pure joy.  (Right now I have chills just thinking about it.)

Those four days in Colorado top my list of Great Days in my Life.  The food was incredible, whitewater rafting was exhilarating, and that time with Amanda, Audrey, and Allison is wrapped around my heart forever.