Initial Here

Yesterday I realized that in the last five weeks, I have signed my life away THREE times.  Yep–on three separate occasions, I have initialed and signed beside the X that I would not sue if I was injured, that I did not have a pre-existing medical condition to keep me from doing this obviously-dangerous activity, and that if I died, I waived my rights and promised that my closest loved ones would not sue the company.  Three times in five weeks.  Do I have a problem or is my life awesome?  Let’s see.

The first time was my skydiving experience five weeks ago.  (See my video here.)  Hands-down, best time of my life.  Jon and I had so much fun and I would go again tomorrow if I could afford it!  The adrenaline rush lasted two days.  In fact, I had a first date on the evening of the day I skydived, and I’m not sure he got a word in all night.  My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much.  And I swear I glowed for two solid days!  I don’t know how I slept.

The second time was whitewater rafting in Colorado on the Royal Gorge.  (See previous post for a reference to how much I loved All Things Colorado.)  Our boat ran safety, which means we went down each rapid first to figure out the best way for the other boats.  We watched one of them behind us totally capsize (called “rotisserie” in raft-guide-speak) and send all eight passengers floating down the river.

And yesterday, Amanda and I went to North Georgia Canopy Tours where we hiked, ziplined over a mile of cable, and repelled from thirty feet up in a tree.  And had a freaking blast.

This is a new side of myself resurfacing, but one that has always been there, just beneath my scarred-up skin.  When I was a kid, I lived in the top of a magnolia tree in my front yard or on my ten-speed bike.  For some reason as I got older, I stopped giving myself permission to let myself go: to jump, to climb, to soar.  Maybe I was too afraid of the fall?  Not anymore.  I’m becoming quite accustomed to carabiners, helmets, harnesses and detailed safety instructions.  And maybe I’m getting a bit addicted to an adrenaline rush.  (Next on my list is riding a motorcycle (sorry Mom) and hang gliding.)

Life itself is one grand adventure, and we only get to do it once, so why sit at home?  Let’s GO!


3 thoughts on “Initial Here

  1. I never know where you are going to appear next…I just have to watch and wait and wish I could have..I should have….you WON’T have to say that! Love you and BE CAREFUL!

  2. I love this, but I may love what Becky said more. I don’t ever want to look back and wish that I should have. Keep on, keeping on. Love you!!

  3. Love it girl! You are TRULY living out your grand adventure these days — and from what I can tell, the inner glow is just getting stronger with each new experience…

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