The Power of Handwriting

Today I got mail, like the kind that requires a stamp on a sealed envelop, and inside was a handwritten note from a precious kindred spirit.  I stood in the lobby of my building outside the mailroom and my eyes filled with tears as I read her beautifully crafted, heartfelt expression of how much our friendship means to her and how much she loves me.  Her beautiful handwriting that is so perfect it looks like it could be a font keeps swirling around in my mind this evening as I reread it.  What a treasure!  Even more than her thoughtful words strung into sentences is the thought of her picking out the stationery, choosing a good pen, perching at her kitchen table, and handwriting a note to me for no other reason in the world than just because.  Is there really any better gift?

Sure, her words would have been meaningful and special if they were typed out in an email, but because they came in her handwriting, in an envelop, and out of my mailbox, they are now a gift, a treasure that I can store away in a keepsake box and return to years later.  And I am sure that I will hold that note to my chest and close my eyes and remember so fondly this time of our lives, living as single girls in Midtown Atlanta, exploring our young adulthood, sharing everyday nothingness, and supporting one another through disappointments as well as triumphs.

My challenge to you, dear readers, is to pick up a package of note cards, grab a pen, and hand write a note of affection to someone important in your life.  Mail it (even if they live in your neighborhood).  Wait.  I promise you’ll make their day.


3 thoughts on “The Power of Handwriting

  1. Bravo! The old standby cartridge pen has always been a favorite along with parchment paper…slightly stained by a cup of coffee and maybe a tear….ahh maybe onion skin paper with a vellum envelop that you can almost see through. Or maybe a handmade envelop with a scripture written on it like Katie Hammontree used to do…sadness. One never knows how much encouragement the written word holds! I know because I have every card you have ever written me…
    Love you, Becky

    • Becky,
      Thank you so much for this comment. I have loved having your notes saved over the years and it is so meaningful to know that you have kept mine as well. You are one of the greatest note-writers I know! Love YOU.

  2. You should never underestimate the power of the written word. I, too, have the sweet letter you mailed me after Colorado. Thoughtfulness just pours out of you effortlessly.

    Love you!

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