Come, Sit a Spell

In the past few weeks, I have spent a good deal of time just…visiting.  Not chatting on the phone or breezing through a quick lunch–actually visiting.  This lost art of conversation and sharing lives has renewed something within myself.  I am so ashamed by how quickly I go through dinners with friends and conversations with acquaintances and never truly sharing what is on our hearts and minds.  But I know why I (we) can’t do it (don’t do it): We don’t know how to slow down.  In our world of News Feeds, Tweets, push notifications, text messages, Bluetooths (Blueteeth?!), and iPods on shuffle, we live our lives on FF>>.  Slowing down requires its own skill set, one we probably don’t even think we’re equipped with.  As much as I love my iPhone, my Macbook, and my Facebook account, nothing will ever replace rocking chairs on the front porch, or Memaw’s living room, or long walks with my mama, or records playing in the background of Amanda’s living room.  Was I born in the wrong generation?  I don’t think so.  I think any of us would enjoy a slow life if we really tried it for a while, even a short while.