Be Kinder Than Necessary

The inspiration for this post derives from a quotation attributed to three men:  TH Thomspon, John Watson and/or Plato.  The original quotation is, “Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”  The first time I read this it resonated in my thoughts for hours.  I started to meditate on it and apply it to my relationships.  I try to gauge my reactions to friends, family, coworkers, students, and my boyfriend with this thought, “How would I want him/her to respond right now?”  This pause causes me to filter my words and actions, and has saved countless arguments and hurt feelings.  And I hope that it has made someone’s day, anyone’s day, a little bit better.  I try to apply it to the teenagers I pass in the hallways of Riverwood each day. Could I be the first (or only) person to smile at them today?  If that answer is possibly yes, then I must rise above my bad day, my personal woes, my selfish tendencies and greet them with a smile, a compliment, whatever I can do.

I want to be an exceptionally nice person.  I want to glow with love, affection, and kindness.  I have to remind myself every day of this.  Sometimes I forget.  I fail…a lot.  I am writing this post to immortalize these thoughts and make this a global commitment.  Hold me accountable, friends.  Some days it’s harder than others, but think about how much better our daily lives would be if more of us tried to be kinder than necessary.