Girls’ Trip?

Generally speaking, I am not a girls’ girl.  Growing up, I was awkward, terribly insecure, and much more interested in climbing the magnolia trees in my front yard with Patrick Ricker than playing Barbies inside the house with my sister.  In high school (notice I skipped middle school–no need to revisit those hellacious years), I made a few girlfriends through tennis, but those ended up being years I would generally rather forget.  And then through college, my insecurities kept me from getting close to girls because I couldn’t stop comparing my imperfect self with their (seemingly) perfect selves.  So…all that background to say, I do not have a strong background in female friendships.  Some of that has changed since my divorce and since Taylor moved to Bolivia three years ago, but I still never had a group of girls whose company I enjoyed.  I thought I was just a one-on-one type of girlfriend.

That said, I did not imagine myself ever going on a girls’ trip…and enjoying it. But last week I spent five days with three other girls and had a damn good time.  A fantastic time, even.  We giggled.  A lot.  We sang 90s music at the top of our lungs.  We talked about boys, about relationships, about hair, makeup, fashion…all those girly things that I didn’t think I liked talking about.  Well you know what?  I do.  I had a freaking blast with these girls, painting nails with them, letting them do my makeup and hair, and just being silly and ridiculous.  I tell you the truth:  I had NO IDEA I was capable of such behavior.  Seriously!  Going into the trip, I was so afraid of having one of my insecure meltdowns or worse, not knowing how to just be a girl around girls.  Neither fear manifested itself.  (Hallelujah!)

So contrary to my long-held belief that I just preferred being around guys or doing things on my own or with one other girlfriend, I learned that not only can I survive being in a room full of girls, but I can actually enjoy it.  I am so thankful for this realization, and thankful to the three girls who made my first-ever girls’ trip a raging success…already looking forward to next year!

Love love love to you, Jennifer, Robin, and Stacie Jean!