12 Weeks with Elizabeth

This week marks my twelfth week with my baby girl. She is growing and developing right on target, which is truly a surprising blessing considering her premature birth. She smiles all the livelong day. (Well…except from 6pm-7pm when she’s screaming her head off for no godforsaken reason. Damn you, witching hour!) She loves bath time, which is the antidote to the poisonous 6pm hour. All of a sudden the screams and fussiness come to a screeching halt and she lays back in the warm water and doesn’t move a muscle. Pure baby bath bliss! She is locking in eye contact, which has been such a fun development. For weeks she just sort of looked right past us when we were talking to her. Her toys are now fascinating to her and she coos at them whenever she’s playing. She also fully understands and appreciates her schedule. Baby Girl loves to sleep and godhelpusall if she can’t get in a proper nap. We are using Moms On Call, an Atlanta-based company and book that supports new moms with how-to tips and an easy-to-follow schedule. It has been a godsend!

I am absolutely loving being at home with her. We have such sweet days together, and the very thought of going back to work is making me cringe with anxiety and sadness. Several people joked that I would be so ready to go back to work after being home for three months, but you guys are soooooooooo wrong. If we could afford for me to be a SAHM, I would stay home with her in a heartbeat. I have always been very good at entertaining myself, and I rarely feel bored. Maternity leave has been no exception to that rule. I have been building relationships with some other SAHMs, which has given me the adult interaction that all of us need. After twelve weeks at home, I know what the different pitches and sounds of her cries mean. I really really love taking care of her, meeting her every need, soothing her, feeding her, playing with her, dancing around the house to Taylor Swift with her.

Now in the spirit of truth, I freely admit that I have tremendously enjoyed the couple of nights out I’ve had with girlfriends and the night away that Jon and I had this weekend, thanks to my mom who kept the baby overnight. Being a mommy doesn’t mean you stop being a woman, a wife, friend, a sister, an aunt, a daughter. We just have to make sure that we create that balance in our lives, which will ultimately make everyone in our lives happier right along with us.

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