Beach Trip 2015

For the first time in several days, I am completely alone. We are home from the beach, Jon is at work, his parents on are their way back to STL, and E is at daycare. I am blissfully alone in the house…with a milelong list of to-dos. But first, a blog post.

Fact: Going to the beach with a six-month-old sounds like more fun than it actually is. In reality, it’s just regular life without going to a job and with a better view. I am completely worn out! E was way off of her schedule, unimpressed with being hot and sandy, and missing her rocker and her bed. (OK, I missed the rocker more than she did, but still.)

5am coffee at the beach
5am coffee at the beach

E and I were at PCB from Saturday to Saturday. For the first half of the week, we were joined by Mom, Memaw, Ashley, and Brooklyn. #HarrisGirlsBeachTrip2015 It was so good to spend that much time with them, but with an almost-three-year-old and an 81-year-old, the trip was way more work than I am used to at the beach. Gone are the days of sunning on the beach as long as I want. I am just as pale now as I was before we left for the beach. On Wednesday, Jon and his parents joined E and me for the rest of the week. Things got a little easier for me with my partner there and no toddler around, but it was still not a relaxing time. Truly, the best part of the trip was the pictures I got of E on the beach. This mermaid picture is just my favorite thing in the world right now! Peggy did a fantastic job knitting it!

My Little Mermaid
My Little Mermaid

I’m just glad to be home. And I’m especially glad to have some time to myself (Thanks, daycare!) to continue the never-ending chores that come with parenthood.


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