15 Months of Elizabeth

Words she says: Mama, Dada, shoes, bye bye, uh oh, baba (bottle), na (snack), shashu (thank you)

Things she loves: reading books, playing chase, running, swinging,  cuddling, giving hugs, giving kisses, playing with her Fisher Price Little People, carrying baby dolls and stuffed animals, opening and closing doors, pulling wipes out of the box, playing in water, being outside, riding in her car outside

She goes to the cabinet where we keep the cat food and gets out cans, takes them to the kitty’s mat, and calls for kitty to come eat.

She squeals with delight any time she can get her hands on one of our phones. She talks to Siri a lot who never understands what she’s trying to say.

She knows when we put shoes on that it’s time to go. She starts repeating bye bye over and over.

She recently discovered the front seat of our cars and loves to sit there by herself and say bye bye to us.

She loves walking while holding one of our hands.

She likes to try to put clothes on herself.

She is tough, rarely crying when she falls down.

She has started throwing little tantrums when she doesn’t get her way, laying face down and crying.

We just started taking music class and she absolutely loves it. Her favorite part is putting the instruments back in the boxes.

My heart sometimes feels like it will burst with love for her. I am so thankful that Jon and I get to be her parents.



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