A Year and a Half with Elizabeth Claire

Elizabeth is 19 months old today, and the last four months have been our favorite time with her so far. She has developed so much personality! She has also been introduced to “timeout” for biting and hitting at school. (Imagine the embarrassment I feel as an assistant principal when I get a call from the daycare principal!) I want to make sure I write down her little eccentricities. Already when I look back at blogs I wrote last year, I realize that if I hadn’t recorded those little nuances, I would certainly struggle to remember them now. So here goes… She has fully mastered going up and down stairs. She loves brushing her teeth. She gives kisses and hugs, and oh my, there is no better feeling than that pudgy little arm wrapped around our necks. We started swimming lessons and she is improving in her tolerance of the water in her face. She loves shoes–hers and anyone else’s! Her favorite pastime is to open and close doors. All doors. She loves the Sesame Street opening song and squeals with delight when she hears it. She loves “Melmo” and dances to the “Letter of the Day” song every time. We aren’t sure why we buy toys because some of her favorite things to play with are cups and straws. Her appetite has slowed tremendously as has her acceptance of many foods she used to eat. She’s basically a carbivore, many days only eating bread, cereal, crackers, and cheese. She does love peas and carrots, apples, and pizza (her father’s child, she is). Our days of pleasantly going out to eat are over–she wants up, down, out, in, on, off, wherever is inconvenient for us to eat and talk. We have discovered the joy of takeout and drinking our own wine and homemade cocktails! Other things she has developed an intolerance for are changing her diaper, washing her hair, and bathing in general. Whenever we are doing something she doesn’t like, she screams for Dada the entire time. If you ask her a question and she doesn’t know the answer, she puts throws up her hands and says in her baby way, “I don’t know!” Our favorite thing she does right now is “roll call.” She calls our names over and over throughout the house, in the car, at Kroger, wherever.

Her words: hey, bye, me, mama, dada, uh oh, no no, please, thank you, seat, I sit, milk, bite bites, beach, outside, pool, Mawma (Grandma), Pawpaw, Tashy (Aunt Ashley), Bapa (Beepa), Mawma (Oma), down, more, bubbles, baba (bottle), nack (snack), teeth, airplane, ball, book

Animal sounds she knows: moo, quack, meow, woof woof

Songs she knows and does motions to: Row Your Boat, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Baby Bumblebee, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


  • She raises a fist in the air and exclaims, “Outside!”
  • At the beach, Beepa taught her how to “Cheers!”
  • She emphatically, with her whole body, shakes her head yes or no
  • She does the “all done” sign when she’s doing something she doesn’t like
  • She likes to pop, lock, and drop when dancing
  • She has to touch every little hanging cloud in her classroom every morning when Daddy drops her off at daycare

Being her mommy is my greatest joy in life and is certainly the most important role I have ever had. I am so thrilled that I will now work 1.4 miles from home, giving me so much more time with her each day. Never ever have I felt more in love with my husband and more complete in my life. I am just so thankful!